November Birthstone | Topaz November 15 2014

Pure topaz is colorless and transparent but is usually tinted by impurities; typical topaz is wine, yellow, pale gray, or blue brown. It can also be made white, pale green, blue, gold, and pink. The most prized color of topaz is called Imperial topaz after the Russian Czars of the 1800s and features a magnificent orange body of color with pinkish undertones.

Citrine is another birthstone for November and is known as a  "healing quartz". It is said to support vitality and health while encouraging and guiding hope, energy and warmth within the wearer. Citrine can be found in a variety of shades ranging from pastel yellow to dark brownish orange. It is one of the most affordable of gemstones and plentiful in nature.

info courtesy of American Gem Society