Our Story

Janet Wiggins

Janet, an Albuquerque native, began working at a high end jewelry factory in 1973. She primarily worked on gold, precious gemstones and custom design work. Working herself up to a greater position as a supervisor, Janet learned the necessary critiquing of perfection and marketing demands. Longing for a more hands on creative experience, Janet quit the jewelry factory and went on to work for one of the most respected custom jewelers in the southwest, Mr. Robert Nordeen. Janet worked for Mr. Nordeen for about five years. Working in this euphoric atmosphere of fine jewelry and quickly learning more in depth about all of the facets of the jewelry business, Janet was inspired to venture off on her own. The realization that more professionalism and knowledge was required soon surfaced and Janet proceeded to pursue her education at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque and the Gemological Institute of America. Obtaining her certificate in diamond grading, Janet was then prepared to open her own jewelry store with her husband David in 1981.


David Wiggins

David, a native of Michigan, Michigan State University attendee, and one time Nigerian resident as a teenager, then back to his homeland in Michigan, was first acknowledged as a renowned red wood burl furniture maker which he incorporated with gemstones. David made and sold his furniture for about ten years. His original gemstone passion flourished into gemstone cutting. On one of his wood and gemstone finding missions which passed through Albuquerque in 1976, David met Janet. As time went on they began to merge their talents and their relationship. After marrying and beginning a family, David accelerated his involvement with metals and gemstones with the enrollment in the diamond grading course through the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). During this time David also found work with Mr. Robert Nordeen as a goldsmith and diamond setter, which he did for about three years. He quickly mastered the skill of diamond setting, specializing in diamond setting, pave, platinum and specialty gemstone setting. He soon became an expert in wax carving custom designs and all facets of the jewelry business.


David and Janet Wiggins have been creating beautiful jewelry at Creative Jewelers for over thirty years, with a combined professional experience of fifty years.